Dissecting SIN from a Supplication


“O Allah, forgive me my sins, my ignorance and my excesses, and that which You know more than I. O Allah, forgive me for that committed by me in jest or seriousness, in error or deliberation, and all of that is with (in) me. O Allah, forgive me my past and present (sins) and that committed secretly and openly and that which You know more than I. You are the Advancer, the Postponer and You have the ability over all things.”

Bukhari:6398 & Muslim:2719


We can observe from the supplication:

1st line: reason of a sin due to knowledge (ignorance) or desire (excesses).

2nd line: 5 types of sins. There is a difference between ‘seriousness’ and  ‘thoughtful way’ in executing sins.

3rd line: Sins can be executed openly or secretly or without awareness (how?) and at different timelines (past or present).

Last line: indirectly explains the after-affect of sins: our advancement or stagnant condition are the result of our sins. And only Allah has control over everything.

Keeping in mind all the periphery of the sins can assist in asking forgiveness from Allah from all sort of sins insha Allah.

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