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17- Surah Isra

New Muslim Guide

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20 – Ta Ha

Compare the theme of verse 14 to the theme of Last two verses of Surah Baqarah.


5) DUA of ADAM (As) for Forgiveness & Mercy:

Believers are like…

Life of Muhammad (Detailed) – Senior students

Self-Help (10 Hadith)

The Shukr (Gratitude) Lifestyle

Kid’s Hadith (Junior)

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Day of Judgement

Things to ponder: -Impact of Day of Judgement in mind? -To Christian (Jesus died for my sin!) -To Ag…

Al-Ghashiyah (ch 88) – The Enveloper

History of Palestine-Israel conflicts

“Israel” is for “Jews” vs. Islam is for Everybody: Download this video: http…

Sura BURUJ (School yr 5+)

“They sat down; to watch what they were doing to the believers.” (Verse 6-7) Realistic p…

Life of Prophet Muhammad (sm) Videos YEAR OF THE EL…


Importance of Prayer

Booklet 1: htt…

Atheism – at present

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Class 13 (school yr 5+): Sura Maryam – part 4 (Last Part – Lessons)


Class 12 (school yr 5+): Sura Maryam – part 3 (How Jesus became the God!)

A timeline of How Jesus was declared as a full power God is illustrated for your information in the …

Class 9 (Yr 1-4): Daily DUAs

Class 12 (school yr 5+): Sura Maryam – part 2 – O My Dear Father … Quality of a Righteous Child

Class 8 (Yr 1-4): Who is ALLAH workbook

Class 11 (school yr 5+): Sura Maryam – Dua of Zakariya (As)



Class 10 (Qualities of the Prophets)

I LOve Islam Book 5 Upto Page A11 Read the following selected verses of Surah Anbiya and consider wh…

Class 9: Sura Ala & Hadith 23

Class 8: Hajj (School Level 5+)

Cartton: Ibrahim (As)’ s story

Class 6 (Yr 1-4): Darud, Hajj, Dhul Hijja

Memorize DARUD: (click following link)…

বিচারের দিনে পাপী-মুসলিমদের অবস্থা

— ড: মনজুর আশরাফ প্রখ্যাত তাবেয়ী (সাহাবাদের পরের প্রজন্ম) আল হাসান আল বসরী (রহঃ) বলেছেন: &#822…

Class 7: Book 5 of I Love Islam (School Level 5+)

Book 5 (I love Islam)…

Class 5: Tashahuud, some ahadith (school level 1-4)

Class 6: Surah T’ur (School Level 5+)

পিতা-মাতা ও আত্মীয়দের প্রতি সন্তানের কর্তব্য

By Manzur Ashraf ভূমিকা: আলহামদুলিল্লাহ! সকল প্রশংসা অসীম করুনাময় আল্লাহর রাব্বুল আলামিনের যিনি শেখ …

40 Hadith from Imam Nawawi

Table of Contents…

Class 4: Story of Adam (school level 1-4)

I Love Islam Book 2 (Read UNIT A, Chapter 2 From Page A8 to Page A17)…

Class 4: Sura A’la (School Level 5+)

Class 3: Surah Naas (school level 1-4)

Class 3: Life of Prophet (sm) (School level 5+)

The Book:

Class 2: Salah (School level 5+)


Class 2: Salah (school level 1-4)


Class 1: Who is Allah? (School level 1-4)

School level 1 – 4:…

Spiritual Purifications

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