NSW Quran & Islamic Studies

In NSW (Sydney), Australia, our Quran & Islamic Studies program provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the Quran and Islam from experienced and qualified teachers. Our team consists of university academics and graduates in Islamic studies, who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their teaching. We offer a variety of courses and programs on various aspects of Quranic studies and Islamic history, culture, and theology. Our program aims to provide a comprehensive and balanced understanding of Islam, and to encourage critical thinking and active engagement with the community. We welcome students from all backgrounds and levels of knowledge, and are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive learning environment. Through our program, students can deepen their understanding of Islam and its teachings, and build meaningful connections with other members of the local Muslim community.
Our mission is to provide an Islamic education that is both comprehensive and culturally appropriate for the West. Give your child the gift of a strong Islamic foundation. Enroll them in our classes today!
  • NSW’s Very Interactive Class for the Young minds 
  • Question, Answer, Discussions, Quizes – students love the classes
  • Classes conducted by Expert University Academics & Graduate in Islamic Studies
  • Long experience in working with the Children


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