Online Islamic Studies & Quran Tajweed across Toronto, Montreal & Ottawa

Parents in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa, are you looking for a convenient and accessible way to educate your children about Islam and the Quran? Look no further! Our Online Islamic Studies & Quran Tajweed program is now available in your area.

This program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the fundamentals of Islam and the proper recitation of the Quran, all from the comfort of your own home. Our qualified and experienced instructors are dedicated to providing a positive learning experience for your children. Give your children the opportunity to grow their Islamic knowledge and strengthen their connection to their faith.

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Learn IQRA Quran Tajweed & Islamic Studies at Online Madrasa for kids across Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa.


  • Weekly 1 Islamic Studies class. 1.5 hour each class.

  • Weekly 2 classes for Learning Quran Tajweed. 1 hr each class.

  • Separate groups from Grade-1 upto University level.
  • New York, Virginia, Michigan, Florida time: WEEKDAYS ( 7 PM – 10 PM) using Zoom (Online).



    • All our highly qualified Quran, Iqra and Islamic Studies teachers are from Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Islamic studies classes are delivered via Powerpoint presentations, very professional and engaging discussions, materials provided and with efficient learning mechanisms.
    • Very Interactive Quran Learning by Female & Male Scholars (& Quran Tutors) who are passionate to teach Quran with proper Tajweed course and beautiful recitations. The Mode of communication is English (fluent).
    • Learn Tajweed Online with small group of students in Zoom session. Grouped students of similar levels (of progress) together in order to ensure progress of the group.
    • Meticulous attention to the improved learning of every student by taking extra care as well as advanced (or special need) care to whomever needed.
    • Teachers are both Female / Male scholars (Aleem/Aleema) with long academic teaching experience and proficient working with children capabilities or Huffaz.
    • Please see below the Guardian / Students Reviews in Google about our Teaching styles and faculty members.

2) ONLINE Islamic Studies:

52 WEEKS Course Plan (Islamic Studies)

    • Do you want to give Your children (anyone studying from Year 2 to University student) proper Islamic education after they finish reading the Quran?
    • They learned the reading of Quran a few years ago but they need to go through the meaning and need to grow a love for Islam in their hearts?
    • They have many questions in their minds living in the West – which are common! How can the answers be properly & logically presented by maintaining love, affection and respect?
    • You want your children to grow a love for the Merciful, our Prophet (sm) and for the religion of Islam.
  • Our Specialities:

    • Very Interactive Class for the Young minds
    • Question, Answer, Discussions, Quizes – students love the classes
    • Classes conducted by Expert University Academics & Graduate in Islamic Studies
    • Long experice in working with the Children


Online Islamic Studies classes reviews:

Strategy: Great, not the ones you were used and get bored of. Its designed to suit the very need you were attacked to Qur'an in the first place, i.e. What Allah is saying to us, instead of only learning how to pronounce the letters correctly and spend a year on that which is also very important but what is the point of memorizing the whole Qur'an and not pondering on the meaning of that and applying that in our lives, which comes from thorough analysis of the meaning and tafsir and so much more. That has been one of the critical components of the strategy from my experience as a student. Teaching quality: Very simple, not typical south asian Olama type (at least the ones that I came across to) where you are in fear of making mistakes upon mistake and being getting told off for, which in a passive way creates a sense of reluctance for the whole subject matter. Content of online classes: User can connect to the contents very easily, specially the adults, its designed to meet their need, i.e. loving Qur'an, being able to read correctly, pondering on the meaning, adding thoughts, discussion and so on. I pray to Allah for the success of the program and hidaya for the people involved.

Sk Monjur Ali Avatar Sk Monjur Ali
March 3, 2022

I found this extremely convenient way to learn to read Quran properly. I look forward to the weekly classes, love the energy inside the class. This is because of the way the lesson is provided and teachings conducted. This service is created based on community's demand and need and I as a member of the community feel blessed to have found this. I recommend everyone who wants to learn Quran to get involved. Thank you to Dr Humaiyra and Dr Monzur for your dedicated service to the community.

Coach Shagufta Avatar Coach Shagufta
August 31, 2021

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Almighty Allah SWT that in south eastern suburb we have qualified scholars and teachers like brother Manzur and sister Humaira who are teaching children Arabic with tajweed and memorising the Quran. May Allah give both of them rewards in this world and hereafter. I am very happy with the quality of their teaching.

Ni2 Ayman Ahmed Avatar Ni2 Ayman Ahmed
August 31, 2021

Alhamdulillah... right platform for beginners....

Sharmin Bashar Avatar Sharmin Bashar
August 31, 2021

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