VICTORIA (Melbourne) Quran & Islamic Studies

Our Quran & Islamic Studies program in Victoria, Australia offers comprehensive education and resources on the Quran and Islam. Led by a team of experienced teachers, including university academics and graduates in Islamic studies, our program provides students with a deep understanding of the Quranic teachings and Islamic traditions. We offer a range of courses and programs, covering topics such as Quranic Arabic, Islamic history, and contemporary issues in Islam. Our aim is to promote a balanced understanding of Islam, and to encourage critical thinking and active engagement with the community. Through our program, students can develop a strong foundation in Islamic knowledge and principles, and build meaningful connections with other members of the local Muslim community.

  • VICTORIA’s Interactive Class for the Young minds 
  • Question, Answer, Discussions, Quizes – students love the classes
  • Classes conducted by Expert University Academics & Graduate in Islamic Studies
  • Long experice in working with the Children

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