Western Australia (Perth & Other areas) Quran & Islamic Studies

Attention all families in Western Australia! Are you seeking a comprehensive education in Islam and the Quran for your children? Our Online Islamic Studies & Quran Tajweed program is now available in your area, with teachers based in Melbourne. Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the fundamentals of Islam and the proper recitation of the Quran, all in an online and convenient format. Your children will receive guidance from experienced and qualified instructors based in Melbourne, ensuring a high-quality education. Give your children the gift of a strong foundation in their faith and culture.
Enroll them in our Online Islamic Studies & Quran Tajweed program today!
  • Western Australia’s Very Interactive Class for the Young minds 
  • Question, Answer, Discussions, Quizes – students love the classes
  • Classes conducted by Expert University Academics & Graduate in Islamic Studies
  • Long experience in working with the Children

52 WEEKS Course Plan (Islamic Studies)

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