Why do you need your Children to enroll for Islamic Studies Course living in the West?

Islamic studies can play an important role in providing children with a strong foundation in their cultural and religious heritage, especially for those living in Western countries where they may be surrounded by a different cultural and religious environment. Islamic studies can help children develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for their faith, as well as instill values such as compassion, justice, and respect for others.

In addition, Islamic studies can also serve as a source of identity and community for children, allowing them to connect with other Muslims and feel a sense of belonging. This can be particularly important for children who are growing up in minority communities, as it helps them understand and embrace their cultural and religious heritage.

It’s important to note that while Islamic studies can play an important role in children’s development, it’s also important to ensure that they receive a well-rounded education that includes a variety of subjects and perspectives.

In the following we can highlight two Muslim scholars in the west and their views on the importance of Islamic studies for the Children living in the west:

ViewPoint 1:

Jeffery Lang is a professor of mathematics at Kansas State University and a well-known writer on Islamic topics. He has written and spoken about a range of topics related to Islam and Muslim communities, including the challenges faced by Muslims in the West and the role of Islamic education in shaping Muslim identity.

In his writings, Lang has emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong connection to one’s faith and cultural heritage, while also engaging in constructive dialogue and interaction with non-Muslim communities. He has also stressed the importance of fostering a sense of community and belonging among Muslims in the West, particularly for young people, as a way to counteract feelings of isolation and marginalization.

It’s important to note that Lang’s views are just one perspective among many, and the experiences and perspectives of Muslim communities in the West are complex and varied. However, his ideas have influenced and inspired many people to think about the challenges faced by Muslims in the West and how they can work towards a more positive and harmonious future.

ViewPoint 2:

Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss Islamic scholar and philosopher, has spoken about the experience of Muslims in the West, particularly with regards to the challenges faced by Muslim communities in establishing a sense of identity and belonging in Western societies.

Ramadan has discussed the idea that Muslims in the West are undergoing a process of cultural and religious adaptation, which he refers to as the “project of integration.” He argues that this process will take several generations, as Muslims in the West navigate the challenges of balancing their faith and cultural identity with the values and norms of their adopted societies.

In his writing and speeches, Ramadan has emphasized the importance of Muslim communities in the West being proactive in shaping their own identities and engaging in constructive dialogue with the wider society. He encourages Muslims to embrace their faith and cultural heritage, while also being open and respectful towards the cultures and traditions of their host countries.

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